From the Minister’s Desk November 2016

From the Minister’s Desk

Random Thoughts on Autumn and Thanksgiving

Autumn and the approaching Thanksgiving holiday make me thankful that the summer heat has dissipated and the crisping of the air and the turning colors of the leaves in full splendor has begun.– It is that looming time to ruminate on life, to turn inward to the dark places of the heart; to take stock of all that is done and yet to do; to measure all of our successes and too many failings. These thoughts will occupy the coming, not-so-fallow time of winter and beyond. Spring will come fast enough and with it a new crop of hope and courage to meet the dawning day. With these thoughts, until that day, I am content to surrender to its call, and yet I am grateful for it all .

Rev. Paul

First, from Adrienne Rich: 

My heart is moved by all that I cannot save: 

So much has been destroyed 

I have to cast my lot with those 

who, age after age, perversely, 

with an extraordinary power, 

reconstitute the world. 

Then, from Albert Camus: 

On certain mornings as we turn a corner, 

an exquisite dew falls on our heart 

and then vanishes. 

But the freshness lingers, and this, 

always, is what the heart needs. 

The earth must have risen 

in just such a light 

The morning the world was born. 

And Finally “Autumn in the Garden” by Henry Van Dyke:

When the frosty kiss of Autumn in the dark
Makes its mark
On the flowers, and the misty morning grieves
Over fallen leaves;
Then my olden garden, where the golden soil
Through the toil
Of a hundred years is mellow, rich, and deep,
Whispers in its sleep.

‘Mid the crumpled beds of marigold and phlox,
Where the box
Borders with its glossy green the ancient walks,
There’s a voice that talks
Of the human hopes that bloomed and withered here
Year by year,–
Dreams of joy, that brightened all the labouring hours,
Fading as the flowers.

Yet the whispered story does not deepen grief;
But relief
For the loneliness of sorrow seems to flow
From the Long-Ago,
When I think of other lives that learned, like mine,
To resign,
And remember that the sadness of the fall
Comes alike to all.

May your hopes this Thanksgiving come to pass, may love sit at your right hand as you sit down to sup, may the spirit of generosity envelop you and compassion and love serve as the main course of your meal.

Blessings to you and yours. 

Sincerely, Rev. Paul 


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