Sunday Service September 4, 2016

Sunday, September 4, 2016 

Grace Without God, A Search for Secular Religion 

Lay Leader: Jonathan Dreazen, MD

I recently read a book titled “Grace Without God” and since I was still pondering the topic of my sermon, this seemed like a message from the divine. The author began her search after her children began asking questions like “what happens when we die?”. I am sure that many of us are here for similar reasons and on a similar search. After all, what is Unitarian Universalism all about if not a search for what to believe in. And what is religion all about? Our ancestors depended upon their small tribes for spiritual sustenance. But then, populations grew and the tribe was no longer the source of support so “formal” religions evolved with all of their rules and traditions. Along the way, humankind lost what was most essential— intimate spiritual contact. Come and join me as I discuss the author’s search and where she ended up!!

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