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The book club is meeting at UUFP at 5:00 on October 24th and then traveling  to Hibachi Supreme Grill and Buffet,  260 Upland Sq. Drive,  Pottstown to discuss the Snow Leopard over dinner!  Everyone is invited!!!


Here is the synopsis from Wikipedia:
The Snow Leopard is a 1978 book by Peter Matthiessen. It is an account of his two-month search for the snow leopard with naturalist George Schaller in the Dolpo region on the Tibetan Plateau in the Himalayas.The book recounts the journey of Matthiessen and Schaller in 1973 to Shey Gompa in the inner Dolpo region of Nepal. Schaller’s original objective was to compare the mating habits of the Himalayan blue sheep (the bharal) with those of the common sheep of the USA while for Matthiessen the trip was more of a spiritual exploration. Another aim was to spot the snow leopard, a predator on the bharal and a creature that was seldom seen (it had only been glimpsed twice by Westerners in the previous twenty five years). A third part of the plan was to visit the Crystal Monastery and its Buddhist lama.
Matthiessen frequently digresses to remember his wife Deborah Love who had died of cancer prior to the adventure.[4] The book is, therefore, also a meditation upon death, suffering, loss, memory and healing. The memories of Deborah operate with a number of other recursive stylistic traits that play against the linear, outward progress of the journey logged through maps and dates.[5]
The Snow Leopard won the 1979 National Book Award in the category Contemporary Thought[6] and the 1980 National Book Award for Nonfiction (paperback).
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