Congregational Meeting Info

On October 26 the congregation held a meeting to discuss several options dealing with the Board of Directors, the minister, and the finances. Board President Linda Pallay presided.

Here are the highlights:

-The congregation voted to have Jon Dreazen serve as both Secretary and Acting Treasurer.

-They also confirmed asking Sharon Harvey to become our official bookkeeper and office person. (Sharon had previously volunteered to do this when she found out, at the town meeting two weeks ago, that there was a need.)

-There was also detailed discussion of our finances. Out of several options Linda outlined to the congregation regarding the future, Reverend Dave noted that he most preferred option #6, which would allow him to continue at 2/3 time until June (albeit with a slight modification to his salary package). The congregation voted overwhelmingly for option #6.

-We held a mini-pledge drive during the meeting to increase our pledge income.

Please consult the meeting minutes for more details.

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