Garden Corner

July 2021

Our fellowship garden is thriving and already yielding a substantial amount of produce for the Pottstown Cluster. There was over 3 pounds of sugar snap peas harvested and donated on Wednesday, June 23rd and there are still many coming on! Cucumbers, peppers, squash and tomatoes are on their way and the garlic will be harvested soon and set out to dry. Our herb crop is also proliferating, providing fresh parsley, dried oregano and thyme to the Cluster on a regular basis.

We are currently in a battle with poison ivy growing along the East side of the area near the garden and within the fencing. So, until we get a handle on it please steer clear of this area.

I want to thank everyone for their help with the watering, weeding and harvesting. Our group has grown a bit so I want to thank Bev, Erica, Allan, Kim and Mary for all of their efforts.

Thank You to the May 2021 Clean Up Crew!

Thanks to everyone who worked on our Spring clean-up on Saturday, May 15th. There was weeding, mowing, raking, transplanting and composting, as well as lots of conversation happening.

As usual, we could not finish everything we wanted to accomplish in three hours, so we decided it would be a good idea to have another clean-up party, combined with a cookout at the end of the day.

The date for the next clean-up gathering is Saturday, July 17th. We will meet at 9:00 a.m. and break at 12:00 noon for a cookout. We hope to see you then!

May 2021

It has been a busy garden season so far. If the weather is kind to us we should have a good yield for the Pottstown Cluster this year. Our Spring planting included sugar snap peas, potatoes, carrots, spinach, kale, arugula, onions and parsley. Two beds are reserved for the summer planting which will be sometime mid-May.

A special thanks to Erica for hosting a fun filled trip to Black Creek Nursery where we purchased beautiful garden plants and seeds at very reasonable prices.

In April, work on the UUFP gardens began! We had lots of hands to help get the season underway. The RE kids and moms helped to cut down the cover crop and spread compost on two of the beds. Each child planted marigold seeds to be cared for at home and then brought back and planted on our Spring planting day, Sunday, April 18th. A new bed was built to replace one that was disintegrating thank you to Jon and Allan! It was a golden Spring day! Thank you to everyone who helped out. It was wonderful for all the kids and moms to be together again.

If you have any  questions or would like to join us please contact us at  

February 2021

It will soon be that time again for planting and watching things grow. How exciting!

As always we can use more help with planting and maintaining our vegetable beds. Specifically, we could use a 2 person team to work in the garden on either Sunday or Monday morning. Or if you and your child(ren) would like to help out it would be much appreciated as well as a great learning opportunity.

We plan to continue to support the Pottstown Cluster food pantry by donating fresh organic vegetables again this year. Not only does our annual garden  project benefit people in need it also helps to expand our knowledge of organic gardening and helps us to do the right thing by mother earth. Pottstown Cluster of Religious Organizations.

Our mission is to promote, support and advocate the use of heirloom seeds and non GMO organic food for all.  Volunteers are welcome. Please consider joining the garden group. If you are busy during the week and can spend an hour before or after service working in the garden please contact Ginny @