Online Donations, Text Donations: A Brief Guide

We currently accept pledges and donations through this website via the link below in the yellow box, through texts, or with checks. Please choose a category on the link for your doantion. No financial information is stored on this website, we are linked to a secure system. If you would like to mail a check to UUFP please mark the memo section of the check with either Pledge, Donation, Giant Cards, Raising the UUFP Roof, General Charities Fund and mail to: UUFP, 1565 S. Keim St, Pottstown, PA 19465. Thank you.

“Donate to Support UUFP”

To donate from our website, click on “Donate to Support UUFP” (above or on the opening page). It will take you to a secure site to register so your contribution will come to UUFP in your name. This way we can add your contribution to your pledge or donation total. You only need to register once. Email receipts are received for each donation. You can print up all your receipts received from the secure site to use for your tax returns for the year.

Text to Donate

Text our 10-digit number: 844-972-2418. Put the amount you want to donate in the message section of the text (25 is all you need to text to donate $25.00). You can add a word to designate where you want your donation sent: pledge, donations, technology updates, roof repair, etc. (e.g.: 25-pledge). After you send your 1st text you will receive a secure registration link. Tap “process” when done. A text response will verify your contribution. You will also receive a confirmation email. For subsequent texts you receive your receipts immediately after sending the text. Your text is associated with your account by your phone number.

Checks and Cash

We continue to accept checks sent in the mail and through BillPay. While our building is closed our mail is held at the post office and is picked up once/week to ensure the security of your contributions. Direct deposits are also accepted. Please ask Linda for the routing number. Cash donations will be accepted once we are able to meet again in person @ UUFP.

Hopefully this offers you a convenient way to donate to UUFP! Thank you for supporting UUFP during this time. We’re hoping you stay healthy. Remember to connect with UUFP members and friends via Zoom Coffee Hour on Sundays at 11AM.

Linda P

June 2020: Finance Update:

Our pledge drive has ended and I’d like to thank everyone who pledged to support UUFP this coming year for 2020-2021!

Our pledge drive came in short of our goal so the wish list budget was trimmed to accommodate the shortage. We will continue to accept pledges throughout the year and also accept donations from those who are not members but would like to donate to UUFP. Please email Linda at if you would like to pledge or donate for our next fiscal year: 7/1/2020 to 6/30/2021. 

Please remember your pledge for this year and continue to pay at least monthly to help us through this unusual period. 

Our income is down due to the pandemic and temporary closure of UUFP. We do continue to pay all of our staff, whether working or not, to help support those who would otherwise be without an income. Our ministers continue to support UUFP and offer Vespers every Wednesday night at 8PM on Zoom, they attend our weekly Sunday coffee hour at 11AM and are calling those who are ill or may be experiencing difficulties due to the pandemic. 

Our bookkeeper is busy paying bills, balancing our budget and reconciling our finance reports, and our building cleaner has focused on different parts of our building each week to give it a thorough clean for when we return. Our pianist has a few musical postings on YouTube for your relaxation and enjoyment. We also pay all of our utilities each month so the bills do add up. In order to avoid tapping into savings it is helpful if all pledges are fulfilled by June 30, 2020 and as mentioned above we continue to accept donations. 

As we slowly open up businesses in PA please keep our UU principles in mind, especially the interdependent web that should now include appropriate social distancing to help prevent a surge in illnesses. 

Thank you, be well, stay safe, 

Linda Pallay 

April 2020: A Message from the Treasurer

The UUFP Board of Directors and our ministers hope you are staying well and making it through this time of social distancing and work reduction due to the coronavirus. Please call a UUFP member or friend, our ministers or any board member to stay connected, or with concerns you may have.


We are still accepting current pledges for this fiscal year 7/1/2019-6/30/2020. Some may be experiencing economic difficulties and we understand your need to take care of yourself and your loved ones first. Your well-being, health and family needs always come first.

Please consider how you can help UUFP pay our bills during this extended time away from UUFP. Our staff is still being paid as a way to support those who have supported us with dedicated service for many years. Our ministers and some of our staff members are still working, like our bookkeeper and our cleaning person. Our cleaning person is taking this time to do a thorough cleaning of UUFP so that it will be ready for our return in short order (I hope we’re together soon)!  Our bills keep coming in and need to be paid as bills do not stop for viruses.

~~ Ways to Contribute ~~

There are several ways you can continue to acknowledge your pledge or offer donations to UUFP. You can use BillPay though your bank or mail your check to UUFP. If you are using BillPay and need tracking information, please contact me through email or by phone to receive the correct banking information.

~~ Keeping Your Pledges Safe ~~

A hold has been put on the delivery of our mail while the building is closed to ensure we receive all payments and bills. I am collecting our mail from the post office once per week.

Thank you for your time, talent and contributions!!

Thank you to those who have pledged and donated this year to help sustain UUFPs programs and to keep us current with our bills. Every donation and pledge helps even during this unusual time. The board, our ministers and the Sunday Service committee have been meeting virtually to plan for future virtual get-togethers to keep our community connected and whole.

Thank you, and be well,

Linda Pallay,, please see the directory for my direct phone number.