Sunday Service, February 14, 2021

Side with Love
Presented by the UUFP Sunday Service Committee
through the UUA Worshipweb

Rev. Kerry Mueller recommended this very special and unique Sunday Service program to our Sunday Service Committee. Participating in this event will be one of the few times that many UU congregations and fellowships will be attending the same service on the same day.
Side with Love has at least two meanings. 1) Recently, it is the new name of the UUA’s public advocacy campaign formerly known as Standing on the Side with Love. The name change was the result of resolutions from several groups (including EQUUAL) representing people with disabilities, to remove the word “standing.” 2) It is the sponsor of the UUA “30 Days of Love” effort, which supports community projects from MLK Day to Valentine’s Day. For lots more information, please visit the UUA website or simply type “UUA Side with Love” into your browser.

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