Sunday Service, December 6, 2020

The Gospel of Mister Rogers Speaker: Amanda Seligman
The visionary Presbyterian minister Fred Rogers sang, “Won’t you be my neighbor?” at the start of his long-running children’s television show. In this sermon, Amanda Seligman explores Mister Rogers’ teachings and how his messages keep resonating two decades after his death. Spoiler alert: he modeled how to show your love for others by being fully present and practicing kindness.
Biography: Amanda Seligman is a third generation UU and is currently a member of Unitarian Church North, in Mequon, Wisconsin. Amanda and her family live in Glendale, where she is active in city government.
She teaches history and urban studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She has published four books and is co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Milwaukee.

Rev. Kerry Mueller and Rev. Dave Hunter are her mother and stepfather.

At the request of the Speaker, we did not record this service.

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