President’s Message — September 2020

“Be Patient. Be Kind. Wear a Mask.” ~ Sign seen in various business establishments

I routinely drive by the Pughtown Agway which has the above message up on their sign board since they re-opened in March (full transparency, they end the message with “No Mask – No Service”). I still smile every time I see the sign because those simple words pretty much sum up all that it is needed to get by in this world right now. And this holds true for the UUFP.

 Being Patient  means to accept delays, problems or setbacks without becoming annoyed or anxious. It will be very important for the members and friends of the UUFP to be patient as we continue to move forward with utilizing technology for our Sunday services. If you have participated in any of the on-line vespers, services or coffee hours, you have seen that there have been many “glitches” along the way. The Worship Committee and Technology Committee are working hard to improve the experiences (and their efforts are greatly appreciated). We are learning as we go. So please join us for Sunday Services and please be patient as we continue to learn and evolve using the technology.

Being Kind  means to show a friendly, generous and considerate nature. Kindness is not a new behavior for the members and friends of the UUFP. Especially when it comes to being generous. People within the fellowship have historically been generous with finances and with their time. I would like to ask that people continue with their generosity as we move forward with our virtual presence. If you have suggestions as to how to improve the on-line experience, please share. If you have experience with technology and you have ideas or would like to assist with improving the experience, please let the Technology Committee know. If you have ideas for how to improve the flow of Sunday services or ideas for topics that are more suitable for the on-line platform, please let the Worship Committee know. Please be generous with your support of efforts to evolve our on-line presence.

 Wear a Mask.  My mask protects you. Your mask protects me.

In Gratitude, Linda

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