President’s Message — August 2020

“I’m thankful there is no “going back to normal.” Instead, we go forward with the slow, hard, beautiful, daily work of transformation.” ~ Anonymous

I will ask you all to bear with me as we take a quick journey back to the year 1985. Some of the highlights of that year was that the Nintendo Entertainment System was released in the U.S., the original MacIntosh computer was launched (citing the “mouse” and “icons” as major advancements), the first mobile phone from Nokia was released (it weighed 11 lbs. and had to be carried in a bag) and Windows 1.0 was launched. During that same year, Aretha Franklin released a song that would go on to be a major hit entitled “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?” I find it humorous that all the technologic advances of the year are quite outdated, yet we are still asking “Who’s Zoomin’ (ZOOMing) Who?” Parents are ZOOMing children, friends are ZOOMing friends for HappyHours, bosses are ZOOMing employees for meetings, and even our own ministers are ZOOMing vesper services to members and friends of the UUFP.

A major part of the transformation the UUFP must undergo in order to survive as the pandemic continues, is to more fully embrace technology  as a way to engage with each other. There are two things that need to occur in order for us to be successful with technology. The first, is to ensure that we have the right infrastructure and hardware to support our future needs. Rick Duske is currently evaluating what upgrades will be required for us to better leverage technology to create quality interactions. He will be evaluating various streaming services to see which might be the best for our needs. In addition, thanks to the UUA, our fellowship now has a full subscription to ZOOM at a discount price. Rick is doing a great job with this and his efforts are greatly appreciated.

The second thing that is required for success involves the members and friends of the UUFP. The Fellowship needs everyone to embrace technology as an option to interact with each other. Over the next few weeks, we will be experimenting with holding “Virtual Sun- day Services.” I want to encourage everyone to try to participate. Not only to provide feedback to help to improve the experience, but also just to “see you,” although I realize that there is nothing like seeing someone in person.

However, until this virus is better controlled, technology get-togethers are the next best thing. If you do not know how to use the technology, please reach out to Rick Duske or a member of the board and we will set up a time to help you learn the new technology. We will be sending out reminders regarding services, and I encourage everyone to try to attend.

So, if you haven’t done it already, it’s time to throw out that bag phone and “ZOOM” someone.

In gratitude, Linda

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