Our UUFP Garden Beginnings — 2020

On Friday evening, May 11, 2012 members and friends of UUFP gathered to help build six raised vegetable beds. Labor and materials were donated by Triskeles, a non- profit devoted to promoting global sustainability and opportunities for young people of diverse backgrounds.

On Saturday morning, May 19th our gardening group met with master gardener consultant, Christianne, to plant the garden. A sturdy fence was built and secured around the garden. Because the beds were situated on part of the original parking lot, the volunteers had to use digging irons and a jackhammer to dig the fence post holes.

Our UUFP garden is still flourishing today. Thank you to Marianne for her leadership in bringing this project to our fellowship and serving as our first garden “chair.” Thank you to Ginny, our current “chair” for continuing the work of planning, planting, replacing beds and coordinating volunteers.

I’m very glad the spring vegetables didn’t go to waste. Thank you to all who helped to share our plentiful spring harvest of spinach, lettuce and radishes this year. Our carrots are thriving and will be ready next. For our summer planting on June 19th we planted cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes.

Hopefully the Pottstown Cluster will be able to take the next group of harvested vegetables. Although if they can’t, I am comforted knowing they won’t go to waste since we have our friends at UUFP who can take them for themselves and their families. The vegetable garden group will keep you posted.

Please keep your green fingers crossed for a bountiful harvest! ~ Ginny

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