Sunday Service, September 29, 2019

For the Bible Tells Me So:
Understanding the Impact of Religious Beliefs and State Policy On Attitudes Towards LGBTQ Individuals
Guest Speaker: Elizabeth Kiester, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Albright College                  Lay Leader: Emily Quarles-Mowrer

Over the past decade, we have seen an increase in support for anti-discrimination measures in the U.S. We have also witnessed a decline in religious identification and church attendance. Yet tensions remain high as witnessed by the shooting at Club Pulse in Florida and anti-trans bathroom legislation passed in several states. What is the role of religious beliefs in shaping attitudes towards LGBTQ individuals? Additionally, what effect might policies have in mitigating or enhancing those beliefs? This presentation will answer these questions with research that suggests what you believe and who you know have equally important effects on your attitude.

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