UUFP Gardens

The vegetable garden looks beautiful. For our spring planting we’re growing snap peas, carrots, arugula, spinach, kale, collars and radishes. Many of the spring planted vegetables are ready to harvest and they look very nutritious and delicious. Our volunteers do a great job. We were admiring the dark dirt as we were planting the summer vegetables on Tuesday May 23rd . We have many kinds of tomatoes. Yellow and red cherry tomatoes, Beefsteak and purple tomatoes along with basil and African tall marigolds growing from seed. We’ve also planted sweet summer red peppers and jalapeno peppers. We’re going to do our best in fighting off the squash bugs in the hopes that we have a plentiful harvest of cucumbers this year. Last year’s cucumber crop was decimated by these voracious bugs. Last but not least there will be some arugula available. Any donation received for the arugula will be used to fund the garden.


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